Music And Its Effect On People Essay

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There have always been significant uses of music in particular background situations to create desired effects on people. Retail stores use music to increase spending, employers use specific types of music to ease their employees, and doctors use soothing music to help relax their tense patients. Teachers come across numerous challenges within their classrooms when it comes to the distractions that students encounter. It may be behavior which is distracting, such as doing something not class-related, or it may be behavior that is interruptive and intentionally disruptive. Not all students can come to school with a fresh start that allows them to be ready and willing to learn. Still, society expects educators to teach all students and for all students to learn in the same ways. Studies have shown that music can be an efficient tool for resolving some of these barricades of the learning process. When music is suitably used as a background enhancer, the student 's ability to concentrate within the classroom setting increases.
As the classroom setting has advanced and progressed over time, teachers now have an opportunity to enrich learning further than before. There are various approaches a teacher can positively use to affect the productivity, behavior, and motivation of students. One of the specific strategies now commonly used to boost student learning is the use of background music. Background music is not actively or purposely listened to, but intended to be heard.
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