Music Classes At School And School

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It was an early August afternoon the sun was shining bright; the air was warm and crisp. I was chilling in the living room when my Mom walked in; she was standing their holding an old black worn out guitar case. I was now old enough to sign up for music classes at school, and was in the process of deciding what instrument I wanted to play. I was hoping to play Sax, Drums, or Electric Guitar. I open up the case disappointed at first to see it was just an old wooden jasmine acoustic guitar, but still stoked that I could now join the band at school. I thanked my Mom for the guitar, and picked it up; placing my fingers on the frets seeing if I could get any sort of sound out of it. Over the next couple of weeks I continued to mess around with the guitar seeing what it was capable of. In the fall I join the guitar class at school; it was great to have a teacher there that was able to explain how everything should be played the difference between playing signal notes, and chords, how to adjust your fingers to make certain notes come out clearly. I began practicing thirty minutes every day mastering the techniques my teacher had shown me, and quickly began to catch up with students in my class twice my age.

I guess you could say that’s where my journey as a guitar player began, but it was what happened in the spring of 2010 that change my life forever. Up until the age of fourteen I was your average middle school age guitarists jamming out too Blink 182, and other

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