Essay on Music Copyright Infringement

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Music Copyright Infringement MP3 is an audio format that allows users to compress and send music files easily over the Internet. The major problem with this music sharing is that most of the files are pirated, which has caused a stir in the music industry. Music companies and music artists have been complaining about how their music is being stolen and therefore lowering their album sales. The major blame has been put on Napster and other file sharing software available on the Internet.

Napster was a music sharing software that was shut down because of copying and distributing unauthorized MP3 files that violated the United States and foreign copyright laws. One of the major reasons why Napster was shutdown is …show more content…

Both these softwares allowed online users not only to share music files but any files that they had including video and picture files.

The ongoing file sharing of music on the Internet has caused the loss of millions of dollars for the music industries. Instead of people going to the store and purchasing CD’s from their favorite music artists, they are going on the Internet and downloading their songs for free. Downloading one song can take as fast as thirty seconds, which means that a person can download an entire album in less then 10 minutes. After downloading these songs in MP3 format, a person can easily burn the songs onto a music CD using a CD writer. This is how easy it is for a person to make their own CD and spend much less money doing so. A CD normally ranges from ten to twenty dollars in price. But if you were to make your own CD it can cost anywhere from fifty cents to three dollars. This depends on what quality CD’s you use or how cheap you buy them for. Downloading your own music and making your own CD’s cuts down the price around 90 percent. This means that as more and more people purchase CD writers, the music industry will be losing more and more money.

The RIAA, Recording Industry Association of America, stated “ more then 4,500Websites in the United States were breaking the law by illegally trafficking copyrighted materials ”( This statistic and many more were

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