Music In The 1930s Essay

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During the early 1930s Movies, Music and Art had a major role during the Great Depression. Despite all the hardships in the 1930s, people were enthralled by the entertainment provided during this time period. It was extremely exciting and it had a huge impact on peoples daily lives. It would also take people out of the dark times, and to a much happier place. Some people were so impacted by the Great Depression, that they began to lose hope until Movies, Music, and Art spoke to the people of our society. Movies let a little light into many peoples lives. People were beyond thrilled to see the new technology the 1930s had to offer. Many would pay about twenty five cents to attend the movies. The nation quickly expanded with many movie theaters, and it topped over the amount of banks and doubled the amount of hotels. One movie people would pay to see, was the first disney princess movie in color made in 1937, known as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” which was made during the Great Depression. The movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” is about a young princess, who's beauty and kind …show more content…

Music and dancing helped people keep their mind off of the depression that occurred. People would gather around together to have a good time. In the 1920s-30s Jazz was one of America’s most popular styles of music. One of the famous jazz musicians was Louis Armstrong. Louis Armstrong was a young trumpet player from New Orleans, he was a professional musician starting at the age twelve. People were excited and many jukeboxes and radios could be heard on different streets in America. A young singer named Shirley Temple was one of the most popular children stars in Hollywood. She started acting in short films at only three years of age. Her dancing and singing lead many people to smile and forget about the depression. Shirley sent a message of hope and it had a huge impact on America’s society. She will never be

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