Music Is The Product Of Our Evolution

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I studied the hypothesis that music is the product of our evolution and that most mammals and cultures have used music to continue to evolve and reform. Most scientific articles agree that music has evolved throughout thousands of years. Even the first Homo sapiens used music as a mode of communication. But in a biological standpoint, music can be used as a way to express mate selection, as a way of motivation and pleasure, development and learning, and social communication. The big question that might be asked here is that why is music so loved and powerful in such a way that can allow us to feel certain emotions, such as love or anger? One scientific study can answer that. “Scientists who study how music is processed in the brain are laying the groundwork to understand the underlying reasons for music’s power and importance to humans” (Weinberger et. El.). While a person is listening or playing a musical tune, the waves from a single note are processed through the ear canal into the brain where different regions are lit up and processed. One of those regions is the auditory cortex, which is “involved in early stages of music perception (Weinberger et el.)” during development. During this time the tone is being processed, other areas, such as the motor cortex and cerebellum are also activated. This indicates that music is processed throughout the brain and it “activates” all different types of regions as such that it may affect a person on an emotional level.…
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