Music, The Food Of Neuroscience

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In the article, “Music, the food of neuroscience?” Robert Zattore, a cognitive neuroscientist, suggested that we should consider music, art, and culture in a biological perspective (312). There is a well-known quote by Friedrich Nietzsche that speaks out to many people and states, “Without music, life would be a mistake”. This article by Zattore makes a reader consider if music has a bigger meaning in our lives than we think. The author argues that we can learn about neuroscience through music as these musical products of human cognition may give us valuable scientific insights. Furthermore, the author supported this claim by explaining how we know little about neuroscience of music research, the relationship between speech and music, and …show more content…

According to Zattore’s article, the research behind people with amusia has shown that music depends on neural processes and therefore that music can indeed lend itself to scientific study (313). There is no doubt that a decent section of this article was devoted to explaining how little we know and how complicated it is to make discoveries in this topic of musical neuroscience.
In addition to justifying how determining which aspects of music apply to neuroscience, Zattore suggests that music has a correlation with speech. Some researchers believe that music and speech share several similarities. Speech processing takes place in the left half of the brain so scientists wonder if this asymmetry is mirrored in the right-hemisphere for music (313). On the other hand, the author states that there have been cases where individuals have lost their speech functions due to auditory damage but show high-level musical function, like the example Zattore gives of the Russian composer Vissarion Shebalin (313). Furthermore, the author explains how certain studies have shown promising results when comparing how speech relates to music. Neuroimaging studies demonstrate that some functions like syntax may require similar neural resources for both speech and music (313). Zattore is careful to

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