Muslim Discrimination Pros And Cons

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"I said it was a Muslim name. Then she said, 'Muslim? Oh, you guys are terrorists.'" (Mehnaz Mahmood). U.S citizens who are muslim face great discrimination. These citizens are often called terrorist based on their appearance and heritage. Muslims in the U.S are often mistreated,mistaken, and are threatened by many. Just because they are muslim they are immediately accused of being terrorist. In extreme cases they are removed from airports because they are simply Muslim. The discrimination against Muslims is not right because they are judged based on appearance.
About half of Muslim Americans say it has been more difficult to practice their faith since the 9/11 attacks according to a 2011 Pew Research Center survey. Mahmood, a Muslim mother …show more content…

I do think that it is human nature for us to be discriminating them the way we do. I feel as humans we are judgmental. We don't wait until we meet someone to judge them. The first thing we see is appearance and that it is where our initial judgement is made. Muslims dress much like the people in terrorist groups, like ISIS, dress. I also feel like ignorance is another contribution to the discrimination of Muslims. We as Americans are not well educated on the Muslim religion. We hear Muslim and immediately think of terrorist because of social media and the news. With the lack of intelligence on Muslim faith and the human nature of judging by appearance, Muslims are very prone to be discriminated as terrorist. It is the same thing as all black people are athletic. I do not think it is fair to people of Muslim faith to be discriminated as terrorist. They are just as nice and hard working as any other U.S citizens. White Americans go and kill a group of people for no reason but we don't discriminate all white Americans for murderers. We should be enlightened on Muslim faith so we understand the Muslim Americans who live among us. I feel this would bring us, as American citizens, closer together and bring down another racial

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