My Aunt 's House For Our Traditional Sunday Dinner

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Feels like Home I was at my Aunt’s house for our traditional Sunday dinner. All of us cousins were in the living room watching a pointless television show while our parents were in the kitchen cooking our delicious food. Once they had fixed up our mouth-watering food, we all devoured it and later helped to clean up the mass amount of dishes that had somehow gathered in the kitchen. Once the idea of cleaning had become less appealing we decided to go and finish our intriguing movie which had me at the edge of my seat. My Mum and Aunt joined us in the living room and began their own conversation which I had no interest in. The movie had come to an end and my cousin then brought this heavenly dessert that she had baked. Whilst enjoying our…show more content…
We already knew some amazing places to visit such as the Hagia Sophia, the views at the Bosphorus and other beautiful sites. The day I had been waiting for had finally arrived. It felt as if we had planned this trip years ago but in reality it had only been a couple of weeks. We had to wake up at 8 am to ensure we made our flight from Edinburgh to Istanbul at 3pm. I soon regretted staying up till late the night before, but it wasn’t my fault I could barely sleep as I was just so anxious. By 10 o’clock we had loaded the car with our many suitcases and left the house making sure everything was all safe and secure. We were soon on the motorway and were on our way to the airport. We had finally arrived and met up with my Aunt’s family after what felt like the longest hour of my life. The airport was crowded. People running making sure they weren’t going to miss their flight, the final boarding calls being announced over the loudspeakers. Eventually we got all ten of us checked in and through security and were now patiently waiting at our gate. The call for our plane to board was soon announced and we all headed to the plane. At last we were all able to sit in or seats and were just waiting to take off. After watching two movies and listening to some music we had finally arrived in Istanbul. We had landed at night and the view was breathtaking as the plane was landing. The lights of the city were so bright

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