My Baby Is in Pain Essay

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The screaming wouldn't stop. I couldn't bare to even ponder how my poor Catherine was in pain. My heart was in agony, but I was sure that hers was worse. I knew she wouldn't make it; it was impossible. Days before the birth of our child, I woke up from a bad night's sleep to check up on her. I found her in the morning light shining through the window. Quietly, I pulled up a chair and sat next to her. I gently brushed back her thin hair away from her fragile face. Her mind was elsewhere, I was aware of her gaze towards the field. "Catherine, darling," I managed to utter. "How are you feeling?" She remained motionless for a moment, then slowly turned her face to look at me. My soul melted with sorrow. This was not the same Cathy whom I'd …show more content…

I wish I could say the same for you, but my love for you changes as quickly as the seasons do. I pity this child I carry, for her father has more hate than any drunken man on the street!" She turned to walk away, but I came up behind her and seized her to turn around. "How dare you say such a cruel thing! Heathcliff will never be half the man I am, but your cold heart is too naive to see such things! I will not stand here and allow you to pity an unborn child due to your silly, childish love for that...that thing!"
As soon as I had finished, my Catherine swung her hand at my face and slapped me. Never had I felt so angry, so betrayed and hurt. I stumbled back, for I knew she needed her space. I decided not to bother her with my nonsense that whole day and the next. She remained seated at her chair by the window, enjoying the view. The morning after, I awoke to her screaming in the kitchen. I rushed down to find my poor Catherine laying on the ground, helpless. Right away, I summoned the doctor. By then, I knew there wasn't much I could do but wait next to her. When the doctor and his assistants arrived, she was hauled off into the bedroom. As she was being lifted up, she said nothing, and she did not look for me. All morning I had paced back and forth waiting for the doctor's words. They had left back to town to prepare for the delivery, and shortly after, I caught that vile creature with my poor Catherine. I threatened him, forbidding him to

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