My Beloved Wife Perry : The Battle Of Somme

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October 2, 1916
My beloved wife Perry,
Hey, it’s me Matt. How are you doing? I know it has almost been 4 months since we saw each other, but I promise you I will be home soon. As of right now I am fighting the battle in Somme, France. The battle here in Somme is beyond brutal. It is the worst battle I have fought so far. The propaganda posters are full of lies. The battle is nothing like what they show us. There are people dying every day and it is not just a few deaths a is more like hundreds. The fact that more than 57,000 casualties were made on the first day of the battle (Bradley Cruxton and Doug Wilson, July 3 2015)! The food here is horrible, drinking rum all day is the only way I stay awake and sleep (Richard Foot, …show more content…

Behind the wall are the trenches. That is where we sit, defend and eat all day and night. The trenches are made by us digging holes in the ground. In front of the barbed wire we dug out small trenches where we try to go into no-mans land. The deeds we make are made very carefully. Since the goals are to defend our trench while we try taking Germans trenches at the same time. This is so we can have more land (Trench Warfare in World War One, 2015). No-mans land is an area where we can go out and battle if we wanted to but it is none of the teams land unless we take over Germans trench. As you are reading this you probably are thinking the trenches are not that bad, but trust me it is horrible. I am in the process of getting trench feet, just like everyone else here. It is a very common disease here. Which is caused by me wearing the same boots that now have holes in them and wet socks day in and day out (Spartacus Educational. Web. July 3 2015). I am hoping it doesn 't become very bad that I get my leg amputated. We also get a very bad condition that is lice. The trenches are full of dust and are way too dirty. The food here that we get is stored in a room we made. The sad part is, the food gets eaten by mice crawling around the trench before we even get to eat it. The mice even feed on the warriors that have died. It is quite nasty. I am getting sick from just writing it out. All the food we get is a biscuit in

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