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In 8th grade everyone would always hang out at paradise valley mall to eat , laugh and just gossip about whatever went on . we would only go after school on fridays or in the afternoons on saturdays . It was honestly fun being with my middle school friends outside of school. Although all of that ended for me . I still regret it from this day forward.(2)

It was a saturday morning when I was getting ready to go to pv mall and hang out with a close girl friend of mine and also my goofy guy friends. It was a normal morning , I was eating my mexican breakfast . Then when I finished eating , I went to go do my hair and makeup witch take hours to do . (3)

After I finished beating my face and killing my hair I got into my car and i was waiting for my brother to take me . I was on my way to hang out w my guy friends and my close girl friend . I honestly wish my brother car broke down that day not to think of it .(4)

When I arrived at the mall I was waiting for my friends to arrive since i'm always the one to come early like always . I was walking around a bit myself while I was waiting for my friends to come. When all my friends arrived we were walking around trying on clothes and talk to the workers in the stores . We got tired of walking around and we got hungry . So I bought myself some panda . I stuffed myself w orange chicken and chumang . I always stuff myself with panda , everytime I go to the mall. After we all finished our meals we went to go walk around again . We got

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