My Best Friend : A Personal Experience : My Best Friend

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6 months ago.. Been 6 months 194 days, 8 hours ,49 minutes , and 20 seconds since I lost my best friend. These past couple months have been horrible for me. She is all I think about on a daily basis. Everything I do is for her. I remember this day like it was yesterday. All the tears, memories, laughs, conversations. Kamilion Jenkins meant a lot to a whole bunch of people. She was filled with laughter, love, smiles, everything you can think of. All the memories we had together, the night I heard the bad news, and the day we said our last goodbyes are the days I won't ever forget. Me and Milly had a lot of memories together. We spent almost everyday together besides on weekends. The most time spent together was at school. Are classes were almost the same. Maybe like 2 or 3 were different. I feel like that would have put us in different classes the next year just because all we did was talk, laugh, and sometimes not listen. Her 15th birthday she had a birthday party at the Blue Chip Casino. It was her, me, Johnasia, Kivi, Kamille, and a couple more people. We sat on the bed most of the time playing games like, truth or dare or never have I ever. Music was playing and Milly and Kivi both got up and started dancing. So that attracted everyone else to get up and dance. We all were happy that night spending time with Milly for her birthday. One day after school Milly wanted me to come over and hangout with her, so I did. Not much happened, we just kinda chilled all

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