My Best Friend Essay

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Did you know that you only need just one friend to make kind of your day, really contrary to popular belief. When I specifically was 14 ½, I met a girl that I have never seen before. We started talking and eventually bonded it was for all intents and purposes weird. I didn’t know what it meant. As we basically grew closer, we started talking about anything and everything. I think I made a really good choice by choosing a friend as good as that in a very major way. I can already for all intents and purposes tell we for the most part are gonna last a sort of long time in life, contrary to popular belief. My best friend particularly makes life for all intents and purposes easier and mostly keeps me out of trouble, or so they kind of thought. It all for the most part started when school literally started back after the summer. I basically got on the bus. On my way to school, I seen this girl sitting on the back of the bus. I kind of noticed that she never was on my bus before. So I particularly decided to specifically go say,” hi.” She literally said ,” hey.” I asked,” are you new here?” She said,”yes.” I said well my name is,” Kenoisha, What’s yours?” She said,”Brianna.” Then we generally started talking about our neighborhood. That we lived in it looked okay from the outside, but don’t let that fool you! In the inside of our neighborhood it”s a hot mess in a major way. We do our best to keep it clean in a big way. After we talked about the neighborhood we particularly begin

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