My Best Friend

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Those words were some of the saddest ones I’ve heard. Living in Spanaway, Washington for over five years I’ve earned some pretty good friends. One of my best friends is a girl named Bella. Bella has medium length hazel hair matching her eyes and a tan small figure. Bella and I knew each other since second grade, but up until fourth grade we never really acknowledged one another. We only spoke in our reading groups and when we walked past each in the halls or at recess. We became friends on the first day of fourth grade. You see we didn’t become friends on our own. Not at all. Instead it was actually our other friend who introduced us to each other. The other girl who I will call J and I almost instantly found ourselves becoming friends as soon as I entered the school gate. We soon figured out we were in the same class, little did we know my future best friend would too be in that class. Later on in the day J had met Bella and later introduced us at lunch. We all instantly somehow clicked. And that was the start of a blooming friendship.
It was now the middle of the school year. J, Bella, I, and a couple of other friends were playing hide and seek. Bella and I decided to hide together. We both wanted J to hide with us, but as soon as the seeker started counting she took off like a jaguar in the wild. We soon found our hiding place behind the play shed. I noticed Bella was acting strange. She would look around then open her mouth to speak, but when nothing but silence came

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