My Best Friend Miss Carmichael Closed

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“So the test would be next week. Now, guys, have a great weekend.” The Math teacher Miss Carmichael closed the projector as she uttered those words. I tilted my head and saw her, my best friend, Becca. In our classmates and acquaintance’s eyes, we are the best friends, the besties. We have long, silky hair, porcelain skin and similar height, which is tall for Asian girls: 5 feet 8 inches. We could be spotted together everywhere, in the hallway, in the cafeteria, sometimes in the neighborhood after school, chatting, laughing and whispering. Becca and I became close friends back in Grade 8, when we were assigned to be Science 8 lab partners and since then we become inseparable. There has been rumor that the relationship between two of us exceeds normal friendship, but it always goes away quietly and we always laughed it off with ease. “Natalie, where do you want to go for dinner?” Becca waited for me as I stood up and gathered things into my bag. “What about White Spot?” Their fries are the best in the town, I’d say. “Brilliant idea.” She had this trendy, flowery perfume on and dressed in lilac crop top and crème shorts and wearing kitten heels as always. Her beauty and stylishness always stun me, even though I have known her for a few years by now. She always has boys adoring her with their attentive eyes. We went to White Spot together. It is a five minute away walk from our castle-like high school. “What is the perfume you are wearing?” “You noticed!” Becca

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