The Middle Of An Empty Hallway Of Thomas Jefferson High, Myself And Three Of My Good Friends

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In the middle of an empty hallway of Thomas Jefferson High, myself and three of my good friends: Mike, Shaun and Chris. We all stood around thinking of who we were going to ask out at the school. Mike, the shortest of us all chose first.
Mike, said “I’m asking Sherry Wilson.”
“Who?” Shaun asked.
“Sherry Wilson!” Mike said
Shaun replied sarcastically “Oh, that’ll be easy!”
Everyone laughed.
Who are you asking?” Asked Mike, “Mariah Lopez!” Shaun replied. Everybody nodded their head in agreement. “That’s right, Mariah Lopez.” Shaun carried on bragging about her special features. “You know she has a sister right,” looking at me. “Nope, I’m good.” I replied. “Well who are you asking then?” asked Mike. “I don’t know yet!” I answered. I’m taking Stacy Porter, announced Chris. I looked shocked, because I just told him last night I was going to ask her. Stacy Porter was 5”4’, light skinned, hazel eyes, white teeth and arched eyebrows. She was simply gorgeous. “So, Mell (short for Germell) who are you going to ask?” They all asked sounding like a local band hitting the same note at once. “Oh, I’m going to ask (it was dead silence for about five seconds), suddenly the bell rang for class. I walked away leaving them puzzled. As I was walking away, I heard Chris say in a conniving tone “alright we’ll meet right back here after class.” During second period all I could think about was Chris picking Stacy ahead of me.
“Mr. Allmond!” “Mr. Allmond!” The teacher was

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