My Biggest Constant Stressors Is My Academic Performance

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In my opinion I do not have many significant stressors in my life such as financial issues or family problems, although I have recently become more stressed when it comes to money after having to quit my job due to a lack of time in my schedule. Although I wasn’t required to have a job to pay for things such as my tuition or rent and utilities it was nice having my own money to spend as needed. Now I am having to restrict myself from buying as much as I had before because I feel guilty using my parent’s money when they are already paying for so much. One of my biggest constant stressors is my academic performance, I have become so concerned with maintaining a high academic standard that I become very overwhelmed. When this happens I push other important things and people to the side as I become more consumed with school. Along with my classes I take on a lot of responsibilities, probably more than I should, when it comes to campus organizations. I spend so much of my energy trying to please others that I forget about myself and what I need, this which overtime adds to the stress I accumulate on a daily basis. As I am reaching the end of my senior year and am trying to make decisions about graduate schools and the type of job I would like to obtain after I finish school this adds even more stress and anxiety to my life. When I am stressed I typically experience a tension headache, some weeks it lasts for days without seeming to every go away. As well as this I lose my

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