My Birthday Party : The End Of The School Year

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It was the end of the school year. I was so excited for summer. Spending time with friends, going to the beach and just basically doing something everyday and outside my house. Only 3 more days until summer. Man, I can tell already summer will be the best of all summers. But that was only an imagination because my viscous parent lied to me. They told me that was going to Oregon for two weeks by myself and without them. Two weeks it thought to myself. It doesn 't seem that bad, honestly. I still have plenty of time to do what I want for summer. I have my friend 's birthday party. My church is having an event where we play a whole bunch of sports and I was ready to win. I was looking forward for the Fourth of July because I was going to shoot my very own fireworks up in the sky. Everything was going to be fantastic. But no. Oh, it was far from fantastic. I was forced to go to Oregon and I was lied to only stay for two weeks. I never had a chance for my opinion to matter because nobody cared about my opinion. During my time I Oregon I was extremely depressed. But to all the people who were around me thought I was either very happy or very mad. The reason I explain this is because sometime when I evoke trouble I just lash out of anger because there was no real guardian or parent holdship on me. Everytime I look at my friends Instagram pictures or Snapchats I was getting so jealous of what they were doing over the summer. I missed all my friends and I was stuck in

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