My Boy Jack

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My boy jack is a very powerful movie that really moved me in a way that no other movie has in a long time. When I found out that this is about Rudyard Kipling’s son was based on a real event, my reaction to the film were even more sharp. When the movie was finished and the credits started rolling, I sat quietly, pondering the fear of war and all the sacrifices that come with it. It is indeed breath taking.

The cast of the film is very genuine. David Haig, whose face looked very familiar to me more than his name, really stood out. Not only does he look like the real Rudyard Kipling, but it is said that he spent over 20 years practicing to fit the real Kipling’s story to stage and screen. David plays Kipling role with great arrogance and …show more content…

The narrator’s technique was pretty interesting to me where he puts together the story from the beginning as we get to know both Kipling and Jack. We spend most of the time with both characters as we see their interactions with the females in the house and listening to some speeches of Rudyard Kipling about the war. We also watch scenes where the father does what it takes to get his son into the military, while also watching how frustrated jack becomes as he fails his medical exams. We further on see the rain-soaked battle that Jack leads one day after his 18th birthday. He is unskilled and has a group of soldiers behind him who are full of fear. All of a sudden, Jack is gone, not only from the film, but from their lives.

As jack goes missing, the whole family is covered with sadness and fear of the worst as they go through thousands of pictures of wounded soldiers. The pictures they see shows them what exactly the risk they took and how dangerous it is letting their son go to war. They look at the pictures one by one interviewing different soldiers who fought anywhere near the battle that day.

At this point, Kipling becomes exhausted as they have been looking at the pictures over and over again without any success. Carrie, the mother insists on looking at the pictures one more time, hoping they will come across a picture of their beloved son. And so they do. Sadly, Jack is nowhere to be seen.

A very sad moment as

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