My Breast For Posterity By Jo Spence Essay

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Jo Spence was born in 1934 to working class parents and brought up in London. Throughout her life, she fought many battles that made her the artist she was back in the day. She was a fighter. She fought against a very difficult upbringing, a repressed childhood, an inferiority complex and was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 42. Regardless, she challenged all of these adversities not with anger and bitterness, but with dignity and pride. She used these qualities to not only conquer her own personal issues, but to challenge the very essence of the social, political and sexual values in society. When selecting a photograph from her portfolio to examine and illustrate the essence of what Jo Spence was really about, there are a number of images (particularly from her ‘Picture of Health’ series), which could have been considered appropriate. However, it could be argued that “I Framed My Breast For Posterity” is one of her most poignant works of her collections. Throughout the course of this essay the intention is to analyse the key issues portrayed in this particular picture to illustrate what makes it one of the most pivotal photos in her collection. Chapter one will be exploring the purpose of the photograph. The second chapter will discuss how feminism and social issues dominated her life. Chapter three will investigate her collaboration with other photographers, notably Tony Dennet and Rosy Martin and examine how they were influential. Lastly, the
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