My Brother Essay

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My brother is a smart, observant person that makes nothing into something. He has all the potential he needs to prosper. He just didn’t wait his time to become a man. At the moment, my brother is somewhere doing time because he made decisions in his life that put him in this position. Even though my brother is in jail, he is not a bad person. He just did things that he felt was necessary. If you have a conversation with him for five minutes you will be impressed by the vocabulary he uses, how quick he can change a casual conversation into something deep and meaningful, and the way he observes his surroundings.
How he acts As children my brother and I always did the same thing. We played sports, watched the NFL games, and he was …show more content…

He was a great, respectable kid. He had a best friend named James Williams. James is currently a senior at East Carolina University. He is one of the starting wide receivers on the football team. They were a dynamic duo on the football field. There was nobody that could beat them. If you saw my brother, you saw James. After a while they took different routes. My brother went for fast money instead of getting his education like James.
How he acts If you met my brother when he was 12, then seen him today, you would be shocked at how he turned out. Now he is this ruthless person that doesn’t show any regard for your feelings. He never asks for anything from anyone, he makes it on his own. He doesn’t look for trouble, but if it comes his way, he's war ready. His street smarts are on another level. He can get people to do almost anything he wants. He has some of the best observation skills. If you go in his house and take a paper cup he will know that it is missing. You can be in five o’clock traffic and he will be able to spot you in a moving car, dial your number and call you, even if he hasn’t seen you in months. How do I know this because before he went to jail, this exact scenario happened.
Respect for his family
As an adult, the respect that he has for his family has not changed. Instead of him being in the background, now that he has matured, he is one of the main people speaking. There were times where my aunt got into

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