My Career Choice Ever Since I

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Education has been my career choice ever since I began high school. Through the many years of experience education has allowed me to grow in knowledge, understanding, and professionalism. As I have earned a master’s degree and now on a journey to attain a doctorate degree, education is once again allowing me to develop and stretch myself even more. My family has always been supportive of my endeavors; of course while I was growing and developing into a young adult my parents had more of a voice in my decisions and would help point me in the right direction. As I matured my wife and children filled the role of being the supportive team that I relied on to keep me grounded. Disruptions of time spent together, activities attended by only one parent and at times dealing with a parent that was quick to anger because of a lack of sleep or dealing with stress of another homework assignment due date. There are times I am not engaged with my family and do not cope well with life’s challenges and I don’t approach the day very well (Boers, 2012). Along with supporting my educational desires, they have also supported my attempts to increase my salary by moving from the elementary school level to the high school level. My family had to learn to deal with a parent being away from home more in the evening because of the transition from one job to the other. In my present position as an assistant principal I am not comfortable sharing my deepest feelings with teachers.

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