My Classroom Observation

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My classroom observation took place at the Barwise Middle School during Ms. Yearly’s sixth grade social studies class. There were fifteen students in the class which comprised of seven girls and eight boys. One student in the class was classified as special needs, two students had autism and two ESL learners. The racial make-up of the class was four Hispanic, two African Americans, two Asian, and eight White students. The classroom was medium sized and appeared to be very limited in moving space. There were various charts, graphic organizers, and pieces of student art which covered the walls of the classroom. Words for the week could be seen on the door when Ms. Yeary shut the door after the last student entered. Ms. Yeary’s desk was set in the top left corner of the classroom where all students were able to see and hear her if needed. The classroom was arranged with four tables with four chairs each. When sitting at the tables, the students faced each other. On each table was a container with markers, pencils, blank paper, pens, and a dictionary. The class was furnished with two reference computers, one computer on Ms. Yeary’s desk, document camera, one projector and screen and a small classroom library. There were three windows on the right side of the classroom, providing additional light and a view of the playground.
Before entering the classroom, each student was greeted by Ms. Yeary with a handshake. When the students entered, the classroom became filled with laughter

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