My College Admissions Essay: A Career As A College Education

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A college education will help me fulfill my dreams of using my knowledge for a greater purpose in the world. There are many problems in the world that I would like to at least shed light if not help resolve. For example, mental health within people of color, isn’t as vital as it should be. As a person who has suffered from depression as well as having family members that suffer from mental illnesses, I have personally seen how something so critical can be swept under the rug and that someone dealing with it not have the support they need. I am currently majoring in Psychology and my goal after medical school is to psychiatrist and create a non-profit organization, devoted to creating safe spaces regarding people of color and their mental health. My college education will help me learn the patterns of humans and their thought process consciously and subconsciously to ensure that the setting of my future organization is aiding those who…show more content…
Not only did I believe that mental illnesses weren’t prevalent in the black community, I also believed it was something of a weakness. Even though I have gotten wise to the ignorance that people have towards mental illness, a lot of people haven’t. In the next ten years I see myself a licensed psychiatrist, opening my first mental health clinic. The incisive of the clinics is to provide counseling and informational services to those in need of emotional support. My program will also be in schools, correctional facilities, poverty stricken neighborhoods. And with the significant role social media plays in our society, I will be using vlogs, podcasts, and other types of media to tell the point of view from those that are in the program. My tenacity for a better world is my motive for continuing my collegiate education. If I can help only person with the program than I will be
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