My College Experience

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Well my first semester of college is nearly about to wrap up and I gained a ton of new knowledge that will last me a life time. It was just seven months ago that I graduated high school after twelve long years of public school. Now, it’s been seven months officially being on my own and being an adult where I need to take on new responsibilities in my life. There have been new obstacles, new strategies to overcome those obstacles, and new outcomes to these challenges. When one door closes another door opens. With changes in life, new challenges await. One challenge that I came across when I first moved out was the fact that I was still a child and not ready for major reasonability’s. I would just be a selfish person in many aspects when it came to myself. I would have a problem with giving up my paycheck to pay for my car and rent. I would have an issue with giving up my video game time and I would have an issue with giving up my me time. I was just asking myself, why me? Why do I have to deal with all these responsibilities? Then, college came in august and pushed my new responsibilities to the limit for me. I started to skip some of my classes because I had to work, and I felt like I couldn’t have time for myself. I felt like in life you should be able to live life and have fun. Although, it became clear that life was knocking on my door and I had to make a change. My challenge was to see if I could finally take personal responsibility in my life for

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