My College Experience

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Friday nights are a busy time especially when you get home after a day of serving and making sandwiches, salads and soups. My dad had just got home and he sat straight down looking tired complaining about his feet and how they were hurting. He was always so open about his college experience because he thinks it is a good lesson we should all learn about because he didn’t have a straight road to go on. He enjoys telling people about it because he feels that others can learn from him. Jeff Anderer is a German Irish American who grew up in multiple cities, such as Hackensack NJ, Goshen NY, Charleston SC and San Francisco. He only lived in those city for about three year each but moved schools frequently because of natural disasters or closures. He had an unusual college experience but never the less was excited to share his experience.
When he was in fifth grade he started working as the local newspaper boy, waking up at five in the morning to deliver newspapers before school. He laughed when I asked “did you want to do a job later in life in the newspaper business?” He responded chuckling “In the 80s it was go on in life and just choose a job and maybe you went to college maybe you didn’t the only ones who chose jobs before the age of 16 were the ones who wanted to be doctors, lawyers or teachers.” In 30s years, choosing jobs and going to college had evolved from the only worrying about it in the senior year of high school if they even wanted to got to college and now your

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