My Computational Artifact: Amazon Echo

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2a: The computing innovation represented by my computational artifact is Amazon Echo. Making life at home more simplistic and enjoyable represents the intended purpose of the Amazon Echo. Amazon Echo functions by being able to control lights in the house, the temperature, play music, and order a pizza, all with the sound of an individual's voice. The individual before giving the Amazon Echo a command has to say “Alexa”, (also the personal assistant), or “Hey Alexa.”, then proceed by telling Alexa what the individual would like it to do. My computational artifact represents the intended purpose because it shows how the Amazon Echo processes all the information.
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If an individual has a hard time getting up and adjusting things such as how bright the lights are, the individual can say, “Hey Alexa, dim the lights please”.[2] Then the Amazon Echo will proceed to dim the lights. The Echo Dot could also control the temperature of the room as well and adjust it with a command [6]. Also, if an individual decides to watch TV but does not want to get the phone and order pizza, he or she can say, “Hey Alexa, order a large cheese from domino's.” A negative effect Amazon Echo has on society is how it's always listening. Currently the Amazon Echo is being used in a murder case in Arkansas, which raises the question about how private an individual's conversations are. However, the police had to obtain a search warrant in order to access the Amazon Echo. This answers the question that an individual's conversations are being recorded by the Amazon Echo because it’s always on and listening. This can deteriorate people from buying the Amazon Echo, and other personal home assistants as well. As a result of this possible outcome, the economy could take a hit as well since everything has started to go with using voice commands such as the Xfinity X1. People would not invest their money into these companies and sell off their stocks because since the Amazon Echo stores the conversations on the cloud, a hacker could gain access to it and it could be used against them in a court of

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