My Cultural Values

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My beliefs, morals, values, and views on my culture are based upon my upbringing, the values within my family, and the norms adopted by my culture. However, I can’t only thank my family for whom I am today; my personal experiences and feelings have had a huge impact on my cultural views and experiences. I went to Puerto Rico when I was four years old and haven’t been ever since. I remember eating limbers and roosters crowing and hot steam rising from the ground from a passing shower but nothing about my generations past. It’s sad to know nothing about an island that many of my kind are very proud of. I’m clueless of what my Puerto Rican people have been through. Political, economic, social relations, what about them, I wonder? All I know about the island’s is that my relatives are Puerto Ricans from an island in the Caribbean called Puerto Rico. I Christina Ruiz was an easy-going American “Puerto Rican” teen growing up, my family was small growing up it was mom, dad & my younger brother who was 5 years younger than I. I went to school, pre-K-12th grade in Springfield, Mass. I had a handful of friends in my school. It was hard for me to trust people, but that came from my dad always embedding it into our heads “Careful who you trust”. I grew up in Plainfield / Main Street, the Cities North end neighborhood this was my community, and was where I'd grow up to be an adult. Over in this area, is what many people called the “ghetto” part of town; the low income housing, Main
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