My Personal Values

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Throughout our lifetime, us as people decide to admire different objects, ideas, and people due to what pleases their thoughts and actions. The infinite examples of things we could’ve valued could’ve been toys, friends, book, etc.. But then we began to mature and begin to come out of our little shells to discover new products, views of the world, and new ways to advance in our technology and therefore influencing what we value today. And as I matured in my lifetime, I established a novel value to my parents the greatest.

My parents are currently the greatest influence on both me and my life. They’ve taught me manner, how to read, write, how to count, etc.. My parents are outstanding, both have jobs, and have gone college. Not only that, but I express a lot of love and respect toward them for influencing my good behaviors and actions in my lifetime. However my parents are both divorced, but that makes me want to value both of them more than ever. But that doesn’t stop me from valuing them. In fact, I have to value both of them even more. For one, my mother is an Assistant Principal at Perez Elementary while my father is a sheriff for Webb county. I really have to show respect for my mother because she is very stressed out from work and me being in band, but the strictness she shows teaches me how to be a firm person about life and how to be humble. Although my mom may be strict and stressed, my dad is a lot more lenient, motivational, and not as stressed out. My

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