My Dad - Original Writing

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LIZZI Has your Dad ever been president and you found a dog while walking home from school and you named it Lizzi? well I have. Oh let me introduce myself. My name is Maggie Johnson and i live in Washington D.C and my dad is the President of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. IT was Sunday, I was walking home from Isabella ‘s house. There was this box .That said “Adopt me please”. I looked inside in the box and it was a cute,tiny,Little puppy.I took the box home with me to the dad’s office. When I got to my dad’s office my dad said “Maggie what’s in that box of yours? I knew my dad would never let me have a dog in my room. But i couldn’t keep it a secret “Dad” I said “yes Maggie” my Dad said “Dad there is a puppy in this box”I said “oh” my dad said It was monday, I took the puppy out of the box.It was so cute,small,tiny puppy. When my dad walked in my room he said “maggie you cannot have a dog in here””But dad!” i said “he needs me please I will take care of her please” the way my dad looked at me he looked suprised that i was willing to take care of this dog. It was Tuesday, I took the dog for a walk and while i was walking there was this store that was for pets called Pet supplies plus. When i walked in all of the pets were calm and silent when i walked in. This gittar player was playing my favorite song when i was a kid 7 years.There was this woman who had a blue shirt and a name tag the said”Gurtrde” when i said “hi” she said “what do you want kid”. And i said
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