My Decision to Pursue a Career in Biomedical Sciences

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Why I choose to pursue graduate study in biomedical sciences. While I was in high school, both of my grandparents sadly passed away due to complications related to Hepatitis B . Understandably, our close knitted family was deeply affected; however, as the eldest between my siblings, not only did I feel the vast emptiness of their departure, but also I was motivated to prevent my family, and other families for that matter, from experiencing the sadness of losing a family member to similar virus-related diseases. Thus, upon graduating from high school and armed with great ambitions and the encouragement of family and friends, I applied to Umm Al-Qura University to major in Laboratory Medicine. I had chosen to specialize in this field upon researching how medical laboratory testing has a crucial role in the early detection, diagnosis and study of diseases, in addition to my dedication to study the role genetics, genes, microbes and viruses in the prevalence of various diseases in my country. As an undergraduate, I was a dedicated student attempting to accumulate relevant knowledge of the field. Additionally, I attended and participated in organizing several seminars and workshops related to my field of study. During my senior year, I completed my internship at the Laboratory and Blood Bank at King Abdullah Medical City as a Medical Technician Intern for which I was rewarded with the (Top Biochemistry Intern) reward from the University. For my graduating project, I participated
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