My Developmentally Appropriate Classroom Management Plan

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It is important for early childhood teachers to plan ahead to create an atmosphere for young children that is conducive to meeting all of their developmental needs and set them on the track for success in school and later life. In this paper, I will define my developmentally appropriate classroom management plan for the preschool age group of three to five year olds. My plan will reflect my individual personality, teaching style, and philosophy of education. It will also define my goals as an early childhood educator and reflect my ability to fuse the knowledge and skills gained throughout my college and work career.
My philosophy regarding children and learning
As an early childhood professional, I believe that children learn best through play. The environment set up is crucial to the success of the children’s learning. There must be adequate space set up in a visually appealing manner meant to and peak the children’s interest and encourage exploration. There should be a variety of materials provided that are developmentally appropriate and safe as well as creatively stimulating. The classroom should be set up as a “yes” environment where children are encouraged to touch and explore all items at their level. All materials should be safe, clean, and able to be manipulated by the children. The classroom should be divided into different areas based on the interests and skills of the children and materials in these areas should be rotated on a regular basis to keep the

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