My Discourse Community

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The discourse community that I'm going to talk about and that shaped my identity is my youth group discourse community. The audience for this would be anyone who wants to know about my experiences with this discourse community. I believe that the audience would be interested in this because they would like to know more about this discourse community and how it forms the different identities in it. The purpose I am hoping to get out is for my discourse community to be explained in this essay and to show what my discourse community is all about. My discourse community is called Jobs Daughters International. It has many social values and has influenced my identity in many ways. The social values that it has is just teaching the skills that are formed and brought out in the discourse community.
The main goal of my discourse community is to bring together the people who are in it and form the skills that the community says it will help with. It is unique in a way because though there are many groups out there this one combines formal meets, fun events and some religion to help bring out various aspects of different people. My discourse community is cool for the public that engages it because we do a lot of fun stuff like going mini golfing or swimming those are just some of the fun activates activities that we do. We do things that help us to learn leadership skills and helps us to get lifelong friendships as well as know how to speak in public. We also do religious stuff

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