My Dream Day

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Tossing, turning, and waking up three times before the sun knocks on my window is what my sleep usually consists of. Not to mention the heat trying to strangle me as I wake up gasping for breath every single day. This is a typical morning for me; as sleeping is always the first struggle of the day. My bed finally kicks me out and my blanket strips its warmness away; now I have no choice but to get dressed and ready for a perfect day full of nothing but dull diamonds excluding those that actually shine to me. I finally got dressed and sat still, not fully ready, but not having any desire to move further in the process. I finally got outside and it’s 7:35 .Thoughts started to rush through my head like a running river. I wonder if the bus came yet? If so, how am I going to get to school today? Although these thoughts came rushing in my head; I knew that the bus would come whenever it chose to come, leaving me bewildered in the process. Finally, I arrived at school infinitesimally irritated with how my morning had gone so far not knowing things would get much worse as my day had so much in store for me. I got to school and started to go through the line to get breakfast. I got my food and I was on my way to class, but then, a person whose name I have no idea bumped into me and caused my arm to spill all the food that was nestled in it. Great, I'm hungry and now I will stay that way until someway, somehow I find food to quench my hunger. I walked to the first period and

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