My Dream Essay

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As human beings we are always going through life with a goal to reach. Whether that goal is to get to a certain level of education or if you dream of being a movie star. We all have something that drives us to keep moving forward. Some people will say that have a goal or dream is what makes us human. If we don’t have a dream then what is the point of us living at all. But along the way things can cause us to change the course that we have already set for ourselves. Lucretius who was a poet stated in one of his poems that “From just these first- beginnings. They are moved By their own inner impulse first, and then such groups as form with just a few together, are moved by unseen blows”(Austin 294). A lesson that I learned as I grew up is that everyone will not always have the same goal as they get older but over time our minds will be changed. There are many different things that can influence the decisions we make depending on who we surround ourselves with. For me my dream is to go to Germany and to work there doing art. I always wondered if somebody would be able to come along and make me change my mind on something I set my mind to. Is our will the thing that drives us or is it the will of others. It all depends on how strong our will is. But things can’t always stay the same if we are trying to please ourselves, a group we are in, or if we are being controlled by something bigger. I remember when I was a little kid and also as I got older I was always asked the same

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