My Dream Essay

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How do you feel about your dreams for the future? My future is filled with many aspirations that I'll seek the best way possible. I feel comfortable that my dreams for the future will come true and become a reality. I will make the best choices possible for my dreams to become true. I’m very determined, hopeful, and confident that later on in life everything I set when I was younger will be fulfilled. I have clarity from my dreams of what I want in life and trust them that I will be the best me possible in life. I fill relaxed the dreams I have will take me to a successful life filled with happiness, joy stress-free because I allowed myself to see what I want. How will I get there? Like said I said above by having the willpower to push myself every day and not allowing them in my mind. Don’t allow stress to come in my life and don’t lose focus keep pushing don’t backtrack only move forward and seeking for the highest things never settle push for something even bigger. I will not allow people especially friends to set me back only positive people in my life that will actually push me to seek my dreams, and who have the same dermetion I have. I will never give up even when life throws me down I will always get back up a dust myself off and start all over again just to be where I want to be. Saying focus is key losing focus will allow for something to have set me back so that’s the number one thing. Also, I will keep my dreams alive I will never let my dreams die out I will
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