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My dream is to become a family and marriage therapist. Ever since I was a child I always knew I wanted to help people. I was very SYMPATHETIC to people's problems and always wonder how I could help solve them Or What could be running through their minds right at that very distinct moment. I always looked at family and marriage as one unit CONNECTED by circumstance being played together like dominos if one fell over the other thing would CRUMBLE to the ground. This STRUCK me so much because I grew up in a belief that a happy family makes a happy marriage vice versa. I also seen personal gain the reason I wanted to going into that field as well. I wanted to get more in tuned with myself as an individual.

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Knowing that they can count on me for any means necessary is very important to me.

Dedicating my life to helping other is something that I will never stop doing. Even when I’m gone, I want to have a charity that ENGAGE and SUPPORT the social growth of families and personal empowerment of all individuals. By starting this program in college as a school organization, it will SCULPT into a national empowerment program for the future. This organization will be called “The S.S (The Storm Shines)”. My goal is to give people of all ages the mental and emotional support they need to conquer boundaries in their lives. Therefore, by filling the world with hope and strong-minded individuals, I will feel accomplished, and that I have changed the world for the best.

I had gone through a state of anxiety because I drove so much to want to be great. I ate, I slept, and breathed everyday with open arms to get that opportunity of a lifetime that could change my life so that I can have the chance to change someone else's for the better. I feel like the way we act, the tone of our voice, and the lean or pose; in the way we walk are all ways that make us truly connect as a whole. The way you were raised and the family you came from helps you build relationships outside in your personal life. It molds you on who you want to become and who you are afraid to become. In

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