My Dream Of A Baseball Dream

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On Returning: A baseball dream

I am on my way to the New England Baseball Complex in Manchester. It is early August, and the end of the regular season. It has been an unusually lengthy season and I am ready for it to be finally over. I have traveled all over New England and have visited many different states. Baseball is my first sport, the sport I focus on the most throughout the year. Baseball has always been my favorite sport ever since I was little. My dad taught me to play when I was around 6 and I have played extensively every year since. I looked up to my brother a lot growing up and I remember playing with him when I got home from school. My family was always there for me and always was around to help me do what I wanted to do. It has been my goal to play in college and get a scholarship. This summer I took my first step toward reaching that goal by competing in many tournaments where I can get exposure to the colleges.
This tournament had many college coaches from across New England. There are a lot of good teams and players and it was important to stand out to the coaches. The last 2 games we had were a double header and I had to catch both games in 100 degree weather. I did it because it was something I could do to show toughness and standout. We lost the first game and won the second game. We made the playoffs and are seeded in 4th. It is the playoff game of the tournament. We played really good so far going 3-1-0 on the weekend. I was doing alright throughout

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