Essay on My Education and Career Goals in the Medical Field

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Every night, as I sat on the table with my younger brothers assisting them with their homework, I hear a familiar sound at the door. As she walks her heels click, and I can hear her searching her bag for her keys, the next thing I know the keys are in the lock and as it turns me and my younger brothers’ jump. We run to the door and indeed we scream in unison “Mommy’s home”, one by one she gives us a hug and a kiss. My mother asks us how our day was, and if we finished our homework, she then looks to me and said “did you cook and assist your younger ones with their homework”; I replied “yes mom”. As I warm the food, I take my mother’s purse, jacket, and shoes put them away and prepare the table for her to eat dinner. As I glance at the …show more content…
We traveled from Staten Island, NY to Manhattan, NY via the ferry, train and bus and we finally reach our destination. This was five years ago, now I will be a college graduate in May 2010, my immediate brother is in his second year of college pursuing Engineering, and my baby brother will also be a graduate, from high school attending the University of Buffalo to pursue Law. I entered Buffalo State College at the age of 17; I was scared never in my life had I ever been exposed to anything so extravagant and dominating. Born and raised in a metropolitan city where you can feel the next person breathing down your neck and as you walk its either you brush up against 10 people on each city block or 10 people pushes you out of their way, I wasn't ready for the slow-paced life of Buffalo it simply wasn’t what I envisioned my college life to be. I eventually grew into its lifestyle and learned to adapt to my new environment.
I love research, looking at the results of an experiment for the first time and knowing that my data, this newly found piece of information, is furthering our knowledge in a small area of science is an unutterable experience. My current major Health and Wellness consists of different aspects of science, health and wellness of everyday life. I was given the opportunity in high school to intern at the renowned New York
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