My Experience After A First Job

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Throughout my life I have been privileged with many lessons, some taught by my own mistakes, other’s guidance, or through my own interests and determination. I approach each mistake as simply a way to learn more, so I don’t have to repeat that ever again. One format that I have learned from is my experience in getting a first job. The path I took in achieving my goals for that job and being finally hired is something I never want to forget, because it teaches me a very, very simple lesson that many still don’t understand: work hard if you want to succeed. I was a sophomore in high school, a scrawny, smart kid who tried to act athletic by playing JV soccer. My parents encouraged me to get a job early on in my life, so I would understand …show more content…

The interview was held at a community college nearby that I had never heard of, and standing in the long line of applicants, my knees almost shook from my incessant nervousness. I had done some research on my own, and also at the advice of my father, had decided for wear a suit and tie for the interview. Evidently, every single other kid in line had not decided on that choice of clothing; in fact, there was an older boy standing behind me wearing pajama pants. Once I sat down for the one on one with who would come to my one of my direct managers, all went according to my plan. Aside from my cold, clammy hands that shook almost as bad as my legs, I had practiced every answer for all their standard questions: “What’s your best qualities? What is your worst quality? How can you benefit our company?” I passed the interview portion with a breeze, getting multiple compliments on my choice of dress. I thought I had the job, and that was that. I was suddenly jolted out of my assumptions by the revelation that I had to actually be able to swim to get a lifeguard job. Signing the form, my hands much steadier now, I put the dates of my prerequisites and certification classes into my phone calendar, and promptly forgot about it. I stumbled walking into a building that I would come to see frequently for many years. Looking down, I

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