My Experience At A Gym 's Kids Club Essay

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A year and a half ago I was terrified of children. I was afraid that I would screw them up in the brain. I thought I was a bad influence and I would be the type of parent who is never there for their kid. I was desperately looking for a career change when an old coworker passed by me at the mall, she told me about her great job at a gym 's kids club. I thought it sounded really easy and at least a good change of pace for the time being, so I applied. After I had been offered the job I immediately called my mother and asked, ‘what am I going to do? What did I get myself into? I don 't like kids! ' she told me, ‘you 've always gravitated towards kids and always entertained them at functions. You have a natural ability with kids. You 'll be fine. If you are really that worried just try it out for a couple weeks. ' Shortly after starting the job I couldn 't leave I liked my coworkers too much and I realized I had always been wrong. I wasn 't actually terrified of the kids, I was afraid because I didn 't know how I would react to different situations. After 7 months of working there, I became the supervisor of the kids club and 4 months after that I decided I wanted to try my skills in early education and family studies.
My most defining experience would be my struggles in the school system. At a young age, I was in pull out programs because I had poor comprehension in reading. I wasn 't ‘special needs ' but I was put in the same pull out as them. I remember when I was in

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