Evaluation Of A Field Supervisor

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Situation My day was planned so I thought, I was scheduled to go out with my mentor, Francis. We had a full day planned with the possibility of me making a school contact alone. My field supervisor, Stephanie and I were having our usual morning chat when we were approached by foster care worker, Ms. Williams. She wanted me to supervise some parenting time, so she could attend court. I had supervised parenting time before and I will admit it is not the most exciting thing to do. Parenting time can last up to 4 hours requiring you to sit at the room door and monitor the parent’s interactions with their children. Although it can be quite daunting, I do however understand the importance of this family time. I was immediately put on the spot and I really wanted to say no to supervising this time for her. I also did not want to be uncooperative or not a team player in the presence of my field supervisor.
Field Instructors Response
Stephanie picked up that I really did not want to do it because she knows how much I enjoy going out in the field. She asked me to do her this favor and help Ms. Williams out and I did. Stephanie asked me how the supervising time went and thanked me for helping out in a time of need. I expressed to her that I was proud of myself for taking responsibility for the entire visit and managing some quite difficult parents without incidence.
My desire to get hired at the Children’s Protective Services is making me overly anxious so
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