My Experience At High School

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Throughout my life, I’ve experienced periods of time where my interest in an activity would peak. Sometimes it was a television show, other times a game, and, on rare occasions a class I had at school. When I first got to high school, I was unsure how it would shape me as I grew into an adult. Before going to my first day at high school though, I had my first day somewhere else: Millstone trails, where I would spend much of my next four years after school running for cross country practice. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Joining the team had been an on the whim decision to obtain a P.E. credit while saving a block in my schedule for a class I could actually learn in and enjoy. I had never run at all before, much less the distances that were expected from me. What I truly never expected though was for that sport to have almost as big an influence on me as my entire high school education did. The summer before my sophomore year, my cross country coach issued a challenge to our team to prepare for next season. Each athlete on our team was challenged to run over 400 miles that summer for training. It certainly wouldn’t be easy, it equated out to running over four miles a day, but several athletes on our team took up the challenge, including myself. We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. By the end of the first week, nearly half of the athletes who had started had given up. I was ahead of pace, as the idea had excited me in the hopes that I could

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