My Experience At The End Of The Tunnel

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Change, a word that scares many individuals. At the same time, a word that to some, it presents itself as an opportunity of a life time, a way out,even salvation. To me it appeared as a sacrifice with a life changing reward at the end of the tunnel. Moving constantly as a child between three countries and several schools was definitely not something I expected to encountered. Waking up everyday wondering if the last day where I called home was approaching. Did not realize until my are high schools years that this had many positive aspects. The people I met, the experiences some only witness in movies, and the many Professors I came across with their different instructing styles that always seemed to end up sneaking one more teaching towards that I would end up needing and using for all the endeavors I would eventually encounter. Not to mention the friendships I created which will last for along as I live. Still, it wasn 't until the last time that I moved to the United states that I truly felt overwhelmed, pressured, and Intimidated. Before that I was living with my mother in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Was a very committed student and highly competitive soccer player. All my life my biggest sacrifice was pushing that extra mile or giving everything on the field until my last breath to one day be given the opportunity to continue my career as a student athlete in the states. However for me and my mother, there was nothing left for us in the U.S. I continued my passion and

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