My Experience At The Homeless Shelter

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My experience tells me that I am suitable for the work in my applied experience. I have acquired skills, such as critical thinking, group communication, understanding of personal behavior, organization skills, and accepting criticism. Moreover, I take orders well and can work in a stressful environment. I was efficient in what I put in at the homeless shelter and left with an experience of providing a public service within the community. In addition, I learned that I have quality traits, such as compassion, patience, and interpersonal skills to work around others. I was confident enough to approach the families at the shelter and made friends. I was there to listen without judgment, and they appreciated that I took the time to hear what they had to say. For example, I heard the different reasons why these individuals ended up at the homeless shelter and how they feel stuck in their situation. I heard testimonies from families who have undergone many tragedies and were fortunate to have the support that the BHC provides. Lastly, the area that I could improve on is conflict prevention among adults. I experienced watching some fights at the shelter, and I do not have the skills to stop it without getting physically involved. Furthermore, my site supervisor believed that I showed exemplary abilities with the families. I would have to say that the five main role of ethics that were involved at the center included fidelity and responsibility, integrity, respect for people’s

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