My Experience At The Sau Guatemala Semester

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1. Explain why you would like to participate in the SAU Guatemala Semester.

As a Spanish minor, I am required to study abroad in a Spanish speaking country for at least three weeks, however, I want to spend an entire semester in Guatemala. The reason for this is because I believe that the best way for me to learn the Spanish language is to be immersed in it as much as possible and for as long as possible. I am also beyond excited to participate in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so that I can experience a different culture and gain a new perspective of the world. I have never had the opportunity to travel to another country, so I believe that this would be an excellent opportunity for me to explore God’s glorious creation! By spending an entire semester in Guatemala, I will become more fluent in the language, which will be extremely beneficial for my future career. Upon graduation, I hope to work as either a Spanish teacher in an elementary school or to work in a Spanish immersion school. However, in order to work in a Spanish immersion school, which I would love to do, I need to be fluent in the language, which will take longer than a three week stay in Guatemala.

2. Please list any courses/credits you hope to complete during the semester either online, face to face or through tutorial.

While in Guatemala, I will be taking fifteen credits of Spanish at La Union Language School in Antigua where I will be taught by my own tutor in intensive language classes for four

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