My Experience In Education : My Challenges In My Education

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Throughout my education, I had so many challenges I had to overcome. Dealing with school, personal life, and sports. Dealing with all of these problems has shaped me up as a person. I know now how to work for what I want, nothing is handed to me in life. That is something everyone needs to know, and now I know. My school life as been very confusing. I struggled a lot with all of my classes and all of the classes homeworks. I didn’t let that stop me from doing good. No matter if I had to stay up doing homework I’ll do my best. That was my goal, even though I had a ton of homework I wasn’t going to let that stop me. Dealing with all of these problems it was hard for me to stay in a club or do a sport. Now that I’m a Junior I took that challenge. It’s not easy at all but I’m doing the best I can to stay in a sport and deal with all of my classes and homework. I know I can do it. I have been struggling but I have been attending tutoring and asking for extra credit. Even though I stay at school for tutoring, extra credit, sport, etc. I still have to go home and help. If I don’t my parents will get upset with me and not let me do certain things that I have to outside of home. Even if I didn’t want to I have no choice but to do it. My dad comes home from work late and my mom takes care of kids so I tried helping them the best I can, even if it takes time from doing homework. That is something that I have been struggling with. Having to balance my school life, a club or a sport,

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