My Experience In High School

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It seems like whenever people talk about high school they either bloomed into this incredible person or fell straight to the bottom and hated it. When I came to high school I knew I wouldn’t have that experience, in fact, I predicted it to go almost exactly as it has. My school career has been a bookshelf, and every grade has fit perfectly in the space provided. Why would high school be any different? Well it wasn’t.
Report card season digs up all sorts of emotions, fear, stress, confidence, excitement, and probably a million variations of good and bad. Of course I got a little anxious during this time, but it always turned out the same: meeting or exceeding the expectations. After ten years of the same school with the same grades I guess there was nothing else I could expect, it was rinse and repeat every, single, time. The lowest grade I got freshman year was a B, another book for the shelf and the spine lines up perfectly with the rest. I ended my freshman year of highschool, quarter four, with all A’s, just as expected.
Walking into a cafeteria with no idea where to sit, or how the line works, or why that girl is staring at me, is not an unfamiliar feeling. For most of my younger years I didn’t really have any friends. There were people who would sit with me, or pick me as a partner, but I never had that seemingly special bond of just a real friend, it just wasn’t something I had. Once I’d gotten older this had changed all on its own. I never had to put effort into

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