My Experience In High School

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A tradition at my high school for the senior class is choosing a city to spend a few days in before graduation. My class chose to go to Baltimore, Maryland. We had an action packed four days going to Adventure Park USA, Six Flags, The National Aquarium, a Baltimore Orioles game, The Smithsonian Zoo, and shopped around downtown Baltimore. I became close with classmates I rarely talked with throughout high school and saw a different side of them than what I had seen in the classrooms. My small circle of friends became even closer over the course of the week both individually and spiritually. My senior class trip to Baltimore was a memorable trip, a little chaotic, but it brought us closer together. On Saturday May 19,2017, sixty students and four teachers left my school in Portsmouth and we drove for seven hours on a school bus to stop at Adventure Park USA. It was a small amusement park with a few roller-coasters, go carts, an arcade, and rock climbing. We had an exciting time there getting all the built-up energy out from the bus ride and we rushed to do everything we could. When it was time to leave, one of our bus driver had sharp pains in his stomach and another student had a bad nose bleed. After sitting in the bus for an hour, we had to drop the bus driver off at the nearest hospital, which was an hour away, and all of us squeezed into the other bus. We had to leave our luggage in the bus at the hospital so everyone could fit in one bus. No one could sleep so most of

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