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  • Graduation Speech: Oriole Park Elementary School

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    Oriole Park Elementary School Class of 2016, congratulations, we did it! Mr. Riff, esteemed teachers and staffs, dearest parents and grandparents, guests, fellow graduates, relatives, friends, ladies, and gentlemen, good morning! “To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.” -Chinese Proverb. On the very first day of this school year, Ms. Poulos gave us the first challenging word that I have encountered and of course more of such words followed

  • My Experience In High School

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    A tradition at my high school for the senior class is choosing a city to spend a few days in before graduation. My class chose to go to Baltimore, Maryland. We had an action packed four days going to Adventure Park USA, Six Flags, The National Aquarium, a Baltimore Orioles game, The Smithsonian Zoo, and shopped around downtown Baltimore. I became close with classmates I rarely talked with throughout high school and saw a different side of them than what I had seen in the classrooms. My small circle

  • The Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor At Camden Yards Essay

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    location is perfect for tourists because it is within walking distance of some of Baltimore’s best tourist attractions. For example The National Aquarium, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Baltimore convention center, Camden Yards stadium (home of the Orioles baseball team), M&T Bank Stadium (home of the Baltimore Ravens), lots of restaurants/bars, and much more. This Marriott location is a mid-range to world class service type of hotel, features over 500 guest rooms and suites, and is family oriented

  • Baseball Park Construction Trends in the 1990s Essay

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    Baseball Park Construction Trends in the 1990s The current trend in baseball park construction is a retro design, reminiscent of the early years, combined with modern technology. This trend, dubbed “The Construction Era” by Frank Deford of Sports Illustrated, is prominent in three new American League parks: Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Jacobs Field, and The Ballpark at Arlington. The current idea for ballpark construction is to locate the retro style parks in the heart of urban areas. The whole

  • Big Trouble in Little Baltimore

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    The past one hundred and fifty years of Baltimore’s history have included many turbulent fluctuations in the way the city manages to thrive during the vast changes in how consumer-related products are manufactured. One of the most important ingredients to the city’s prosperity is in a mineral called chromite. Chromite is typically found in acidic soil along with serpentinite rock, a dark-green brittle rock in the soapstone family. During the late nineteenth century, chromite suddenly became a hot

  • Essay on Baseball: An Extraordinary Game

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    most prevalent of the sports focused on by my family. Games were always on the TV. My father, a Dodger's fan, would always catch the L.A. games when they were on. When my dad told me bedtime stories, I heard about Duke Snyder and Willie Mays, Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium instead of fairy tales. He taught me how to throw, catch, and bat, but he also imparted to me the history of the game. All through my youth I was a never- ending fountain of questions about baseball, and Dad always seemed to have

  • A Report On The Local Schools

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    Rydalmere Summary Rydalmere is a Sydney suburb that is unique and growing with apartment developments going up and some renovations in the area. The local schools are within walking distance for the kids of Rydalmere, as are the nice sports ovals, parks, and playgrounds for a nice recreation culture. Rydalmere offers public transportation via ferry, trains, or buses when the locals want to venture outside their nice suburb. Living in Rydalmere puts you within five minutes of Parramatta via public

  • Observation Assignment at a Park Essay

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    Assignment at a Park Hayden Park was an interesting place for a Freeze-Frame assignment. For those who have not heard of a Freeze-Frame, it is simply sitting in one spot for 15 to 20 minutes observing ones surroundings. So to continue, at first glance, Hayden Park is a typical Valley of the Sun type park. Most of these typical parks have grass, picnic tables, some trees, and usually some sort of sports availability such as a basketball court or soccer field, or both. In addition, the parks also have

  • Introduction With the rapid growth of the American population and the greater demand for work,

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    Introduction With the rapid growth of the American population and the greater demand for work, large urban areas developed throughout the U.S. landscape. Urbanization, as it is called, is the replacement of the rural areas with more urban ones. Urbanization has impacted human behavior and wildlife as well and most likely won’t be ending anytime soon as humanity continues to push into wildlife habitats. As relative keepers of the environment, humans need to understand the impacts of urbanization

  • 9th Street Children Park Problem

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    presents problems for these kids lives. The problem I am focusing on is the 9th Street Childrens Park. The problem with it is that it's getting worn down and becoming a small hazard. This problem has been becoming worse and worse over the past decade. Concerns have grown with it as well. Parents are concerned about their children's safety, and I would have to both agree and disagree. The main problem with the park is the main structure. The wood is untreated and the bolts are well past starting to rust